New recordings !

Intense recording session last Friday at the studio of Meudon! Three new pieces for cello solo and two pieces for cello and piano were recorded :

  • trois cadences” for cello solo,
  • le chant du soir” and “nous danserons encore” for cello & piano,
    + a bonus for solo piano “l’absence“.

The musicians Lucile Fauquet (cello) and Thuy Anh Vuong (piano) were as usual : perfect, professional, listening and with real choices of interpretation, great art! Very good team also for the sound engineers Aurélien Marotte and Sami Bouvet.

An important step for me with this music for cello solo, intense, demanding, with a writing permanently challenged by Lucile. What a fruitful collaboration! And “le chant du soir” allowed me to explore once again the completeness of piano and cello for all greatest pleasure I hope.

I can’t wait to make you discover these new pieces! It is planned for the beginning of 2023 on all streaming plateforms for the pieces for cello solo. I will also put them on Youtube with the score (well, I’ll try ;)), a good way for them to be appropriated, don’t you think ? The next opus for cello and piano will be published during the year 2023.

Stay tuned! The best is yet to come.


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