“Minimal” for piano released as NFT

Do you remember “Minimal” ? It was an electronic music work I composed, produced and released a few years ago. Just to remember the sound :

Well, originally, it was a solo piano work, of which a recording was made one day, with the help of the pianist Marilou Nézeys. But it got never published, for many reasons.

Today, I propose a NFT of this rare and unique piano version of “Minimal”. See the great french project for musical NFT called Pianity.com : “Minimal” has been selected on the top list of this project and the drop is planned on January 24, 2023, champagne!

The auction for the Unique Edition will start at 6:00 PM UTC on January 24, 2023 and will last 24 hours. Be ready for that!

Listen “Minimal” for piano! https://pianity.com/lou-darrel/minimal


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