During my young years, I was able to sight-read and play, with awkward fingers, a few Mozart sonatas, a few passages from Beethoven sonatas as well. My sister had written to me in pencil the notes on each key of the family piano and explained the link with what I could read on the old scores I discovered here and there in the family house.

I had time, patience, so I got down to it, alone, with a growing beard, on an old Gaveau piano who can have never be tuned correctly.

The year I was 17, I had a few private piano lessons with an old lady who couldn’t be imagined young, always escorted by a horrible four-legged critter that ran all day long from the table to the piano. and from the piano to the table, after a ball that kept bouncing. I hardly learned anything from it.

Arrived in Paris at the age of 25 after long blank years in music, I wandered for three years, trying to learn some harmony notions in an obscure conservatory in the 15th arrondissement, or the piano bar improvisations in some private music schools of which the right bank of Paris has the secret.

Hardly tired, I discovered the municipal conservatory of Issy-les-Moulineaux and above all, under my enchanted fingers, the music of Chopin, Schumann and a few others, with an Ephraïm Laor smoking next to me, with laughing eyes.

A decisive meeting since two years later, he directed me to Isabelle Duha, professor of harmony and writing at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Paris and who, after a unsuccessful attempt in his harmony class given my nullity in music theory, agreed to take me as a student, in private lessons, and to start from zero.

I had finally found what I was looking for. Four amazing years of an intense and magic relationship.

In 2008, I did my first recording, helped by the wonderful pianist Thuy Ahn Vuong. These piano pieces can’t be found today on the internet – except if you are a hacker and an accomplished detective 😉

During the next decade, I met many professional pianists as I wrote articles and piano critics for a french specialized music magazine, and among them an amazing one : Marilou Nézeys. She accepted to record some of my piano pieces ; the EP “les petites heures” is born in 2018.

In 2020, I did 2 tracks of electronic music (MacBook was my new friend) with some piano materials I had recorded before : the single “Minimal” is born.

In 2021, my chamber music face à la Seine was released. So proud of it, especially on the string quartet work, on which I put all my soul and passion : so many memories of crazy and magic evenings at La Javelle, Paris 15e…

Now still focused on chamber music. Working, when I can find white hours on my bounded agenda, on cello / piano works. Stay tuned 🙂

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