“Minimal” for piano released as NFT

Do you remember “Minimal” ? It was an electronic music work I composed, produced and released a few years ago. Just to remember the sound :

Well, originally, it was a solo piano work, of which a recording was made one day, with the help of the pianist Marilou Nézeys. But it got never published, for many reasons.

Today, I propose a NFT of this rare and unique piano version of “Minimal”. See the great french project for musical NFT called Pianity.com : “Minimal” has been selected on the top list of this project and the drop is planned on January 24, 2023, champagne!

The auction for the Unique Edition will start at 6:00 PM UTC on January 24, 2023 and will last 24 hours. Be ready for that!

Listen “Minimal” for piano! https://pianity.com/lou-darrel/minimal


June 2022 : Lou Darrel in concert

I am lucky to be scheduled for 2 concerts in June :

  • a concert at the Rachmaninoff conservatory of Paris the 11th of June

My musician friends Thuy Anh Vuong (piano) and Lucile Fauquet (cello) will create 2 new pieces and will of course perform “Papillon” (almost 26 K listenings on Spotify !, listen at https://open.spotify.com/album/34JoxDwgavWOGSWcGJjs5x?si=sTN7-qqySOqyY4epRXNv-Q)

Come many, it will be an opportunity to meet you and talk about music, I will be present at this concert !

Release of “Face à la Seine” the 14th of January 2021

Here we are. After a few weeks of back and forth with my distributor imusican, the single “face à la Seine” is on its way to streaming platforms. Phew. On January 14, 2021, you will be able to listen :

  • Face à la Seine, music for string quartet, 6’04
  • Encore une danse, music for string quartet, 3’44
  • Papillon, music for cello & piano, 3’12

In the meantime, I’ve prepared a little video, a teaser like they said, oh nothing too engaging, but just to tell you: great chamber music awaits you, stay tuned! 🙂

Anyway, tell me everything, I’m waiting for your feedback.

Your composer,


My chamber music is coming soon !

During the last years, I spent my tiny available and creative time on writing pieces for string quartet. What a challenge ! I discovered, to my surprise, how much I loved this kind of work : work on the voices, on the response games, on subtle polyphony or demanding counterpoint. Two of them can be shown today, so proud of it ! 😉

A few months ago, I also put the focus on a piece for cello and piano, in a style that is so dear to me, that of Gabriel Fauré. And it’s ready to be shown too.

And now, it’s in the box ! Everything was recorded a few days ago at the studio of Meudon. Thanks to the pianist Thuy Anh Vuong, whom I thank once again, I had the chance to meet four wonderful musicians of great talent, who agreed to be part of the adventure and be my passengers for a while.

A big thank to Lucile Fauquet (cello), Raphaël Jacob and Justina Zajančauskaite (violin), Jérémy Pasquier (alto) and Thuy Anh Vuong (piano). Of course I do not forget Sami Bouvet (sound engineer) without whom all this would not be possible. An amazing team, really !

The EP will be available the 14th of January 2021.

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.


New EP “Les petites heures” !

I’m very pleased to announce the release of my new EP “Les petites heures”, a set of 6 piano pieces. They have been recorded by Marilou Nézeys on a silky Fazioli piano !

Pochette 12x12 pour Les petites heures de Lou Darrel

The recording is available online on all streaming platforms : YouTube music, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify

Enjoy the music and the videos below !


les petites heures #1 – la fin d’après midi
les petites heures #2 – quand il neige
les petites heures #3 – quand le soir tombe
les petites heures #4 – danse de Nathan
les petites heures #5 – l’origine du monde
les petites heures #7 – anima triste